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laser cavity detection

Laser Cavity Detection

We utilize the latest in early, pain free cavity detection with the Diagnodent® Laser Decay Detector which allows us to discover decay at its earliest stages, when it is more easily treated.

Locating hidden decay before it destroys tooth structure (from the inside out) is a major goal for modern dentistry. The widespread use of fluoride supplements in dental materials, toothpastes and drinking water has made tooth surfaces harder and more resistant to decay. However, diagnosing cavities beneath the hard surfaces is more challenging. X-rays and probing are limited in detecting sub-surface decay. The Diagnodent® scans your teeth with harmless laser light in search of that hidden decay, and allows the dentist to provide a treatment to stop the spread of disease before it destroys the tooth from within.

The Diagnodent® is completely safe and pain-free. A pen-like probe simply glides over tooth surfaces to check the health of the tooth.

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